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Hey! Jason Louv here. I'm the bird that guides Clancy through the Bardo in Midnight Gospel, episode five.

I'm not actually a bird... but I AM a teacher of magick, mysticism and meditation. (Yes, for real.) And I've created a FREE meditation to show YOU how to create an infinitely empowered & magical existence!

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Psst... here's what I look like in real life.

I'm a podcaster, best-selling author of eight books, and teacher at Magick.Me, my online school for magick & meditation. I've been doing this for over twenty years, because I love watching my students light up as they discover their true purpose in life and find the power to fulfill it.

After the meditation, I'll send you some of my most outstanding content, including:

• The very best podcasts that show creator Duncan Trussell and I have recorded—including the FULL conversation that our episode of Midnight Gospel is drawn from

• Everything you need to start learning magick

• The difference between black magick & white magick

• How to discover—and accomplish—your True Will

...and lots more! Just click the button below to get started—and I'll see you in class!

Start Learning Magick!

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